Capturing Opportunities

We’ve been able to capture every opportunity.

The owners behind International Container Company in Holyoke credit their rapid growth to bringing technology into the waste management and compacting industries. 

It’s imperative they keep the wheels turning all the time. That’s where Country Bank’s knowledge of the manufacturing industry and flexible commercial lending solutions come into play.

“Cyclicality is a big thing in our industry,” said Joseph Searles, co-owner. “We have about seven or eight months of demand that is well beyond what we can support with our own production. One of the problems Country Bank helped us solve was how to access more of our borrowing capacity during that time.” During the slower period, the bank allows them the capital to build inventory to supplement sales during their busy period.

Country Bank’s flexibility, turnaround time, and understanding of their needs. It’s helped them capture every opportunity that’s come their way. In the short time that they have been with Country Bank, the business has grown about 160%.

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