Made to Make a Difference

Can a bank make a difference?

“As a true community leader, the difference at Country Bank is that no one is too small, and everyone is important. So, when you walk into Country Bank – why would you leave?”

What making a difference means to us.

Anyone can make a positive difference in the life of another person. In fact, sometimes the smallest acts go the furthest. A smile. A kind word. A listening ear. A caring spirit. At Country Bank, we’re intentional about serving, because we want everyone to be successful, from the family buying their first home to the business growing—and to the nonprofit in need of funding. As a mutual savings bank, our purpose is to support community. We’re not successful unless we’re making every effort to lead everyone to prosperity. It’s what we’re made for.

Building something—a home, a business, even a back porch—takes skill. But so does getting a loan that’s right for you.

buildings on main street

Refinancing this mixed-use property needed a customized approach. Owner says that working with Country Bank has been easier than ever imagined.

Made to make business easier.

You pour everything into your business, and those efforts make our communities better. Country Bank offers a financial partnership with the capacity to serve businesses of all sizes through our business banking and commercial banking services.

Whether a start-up or large commercial enterprise, you’ll find what you need here—from flexibility and customization to sophisticated capabilities and an exceptionally high lending limit—because we’re committed to your success. Banking that takes care of business makes a difference.

In the short time we’ve been with Country Bank, our business has grown about 160%.

We’ve been able to capture every opportunity.

You can make a difference.

Want to make a difference, too? Country Bank is a mutual bank, which makes our focus a little different from other banks. Rather than answer to shareholders, we answer to our customers. Since our profits are reinvested in communities we serve, when you bank here, you’re supporting community too. Because we’re a local bank, we live where we work—and support where we live. We give. We volunteer. We show up. It’s how we make a difference. Join us to make a difference.